Deep Sidhu's SUV was 100 Kmph at the time of crash: Haryana police probe

Mukesh Tandon

The Haryana police have ruled out any conspiracy or foul play behind the death of Deep Sidhu on the basis of primary investigation reports.

Here are some of the developments in the probe by Panipat police:

1) Over 100-ft-long skid marks on the Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) expressway near Pipli toll plaza are enough to show the gravity of the accident in which Deep Sidhu lost his life.

2) The ‘scene of crime’ team, including forensic experts and police personnel, recreated the scene of the accident and collected evidence from the spot and the CCTV footage.

3) Sources said that the collision was so strong that the right side of Sidhu’s sports utility vehicle (SUV) was badly damaged from the front bumper to the roof.

4) As per sources, the pair of wheels on the left rear side of the 22-tyre truck burst and the lower metallic part of the truck was also found broken.

5) The truck’s skidding marks measuring over 100 ft were found on the road. Dragging marks by the rim or broken metallic part were also found on the road. But no marks of Sidhu’s vehicle applying brakes were found on the road, sources said.

6) The laden truck was moving in the middle of the first and second lane on the road and Sidhu had tried to overtake it from the left. The speed of the SUV might be over 100 kmph at that time, sources said.

Deep Sidhu's SUV was 100 Kmph at the time of crash: Haryana police probe