New excise policy: Process to allot liquor contracts begins in Panchkula

Panchkula, May 23

The process to allot liquor contracts for the year 2023-24 under the newly announced excise policy began in Panchkula district.

A total of 22 zones have been allocated in the district, and the bidding process resulted in an amount of Rs 122.64 crore against the reserve price of Rs 116.94 crore, marking a significant increase of 4.88 per cent.

The overall excise revenue for the state of Haryana has witnessed a growth of 13.88 per cent compared to the previous year as the total

reserve price for all sectors saw a nine per cent increase this year.

Panchkula district, in particular, experienced changes in the number of zones and vends. This year, there are 39 zones in the district, with a total of 78 vends, each zone having two vends. In contrast, the previous year had 21 zones, consisting of four vends per zone, along with one zone comprising three vends, resulting in a total of 22 zones with 87 vends. The Excise and Taxation Department of Panchkula closed down nine vends this year as part of the allocation process.

The allotment of liquor contracts was carried out transparently and efficiently through an online platform.