1,118 DLs suspended till Nov


Dushyant Singh Pundir

Chandigarh, December 17

As many as 1,118 driving licences (DLs) have been suspended for various traffic violations in the city this year.

According to the data of the Registering and Licensing Authority, a maximum of DLs were suspended for driving without helmet, followed by overspeeding, using mobile, triple riding, drunken driving etc.

2021 data

Total DLs suspended 4,057

Speeding 873

Without helmet 2,510

A total of 1,118 driving licences had been suspended from January 1 to November 30 this year — 670 for riding two-wheeler without helmet, 275 for overspeeding, 62 for using mobile phone, 36 for overloading/triple riding, 28 for red light jumping, 21 for drunken driving, 15 for dangerous driving and 11 for using pressure horn.

According to the data, 4, 057 driving licences were suspended for various traffic violations in 2021 and 4,623 in 2020. A maximum of 2,510 and 2,006 licences were suspended for riding without helmet in 2021 and 2020, respectively.

As many as 873 licences were suspended for overspeeding and 342 for using mobile phones, 147 for the red light jumping, 91 for overloading/triple riding, 82 for the use of pressure horn, nine for drunken driving and three for reflectors in 2021.

In 2020, a maximum of 2,170 driving licences were suspended for overspeeding, followed by 2,006 for not wearing helmet.

The traffic police had in February last year decided to suspend the driving licence for committing the overspeeding offence for a second time. Earlier, the DL was suspended on the first offence. The police had started suspending DLs for overspeeding in 2016 on the directions of the Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety. The committee had issued directions to suspend the DL on the first offence. However, as per the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, the DL for the offence is to be suspended on the second violation.

Section 19 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, read with rule 21 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989, recommends suspending driving licences for up to six months for offences such as use of mobile phone while driving, overspeeding, drunken driving and jumping red light. For riding without helmet, the driving licence was suspended for three months a fine slapped on the violator.