Assn starts signature campaign against stilt plus 4-storey houses


Panchkula, February 1

Opposition to the construction of stilt plus 4-storey houses is increasing continuously as the House Owners’ Welfare Association (HOWA) of Sector 10 here has started a signature campaign against the construction of 4-storey houses today.

HOWA chairman Bharat Hiteshi said this anti-people policy passed in 2017 needed to be withdrawn immediately in view of the problems being faced by Panchkula residents due to the construction of stilt plus 4-storey houses, which were damaging adjoining houses.

BM Kaushik, president of HOWA, said pamphlets were being distributed among people to create awareness among the general public and signature campaign had been started seeking to end this policy with immediate effect.

NC Swamy, Babu Daljit Singh, Sanjay Ahuja and Harish Sahni said this signature campaign was started in park number 1005 in front of house number 91 of Sector 10.

MS Jain and Sheesh Bala, owners of house no 20 and 809, respectively, informed the gathering that how the construction of four-storey houses next to their houses had made their buildings unsafe. Huge cracks had developed in the walls of their houses.

Social worker Sukhbir Punia said the construction of stilt plus 4-storey houses would lead to sewerage, water, air, sunlight and electricity problems for residents in the city. He said the government should immediately withdraw the policy.