Badminton, volleyball courts to be developed on 5 kanals at Dhanas


Chandigarh, February 9

Five-kanal ground at Dhanas, which inconveniences local residents due to cattle grazing there, smell emanating from their excreta and stagnant water, is set to become a playground.

The UT Chief Architect today approved the site for sports activities till the area is earmarked for some project. He wrote to the MC Commissioner, “The site may be used for sports activities such as volleyball and badminton on a temporary basis. It is subject to the condition that the site will be taken back for planning for any other purpose.”

Local councillor Kuljeet Singh said, “The MC will build basketball, badminton and volleyball courts at the site. Though the ground is fenced, it is broken at some points. We will get it properly fenced. Cleanliness will be carried out to make the ground ready for holding sports activities.”

The ground is situated near the house number 736 at Milk Colony, Dhanas. Cattle of dairies graze there. During the rains, water gets accumulated here and it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies. Smell emanating from animal excreta inconvenience the local residents.

“I have been following up with the UT administration to allow sports activities on the ground. The MC had earlier gave approval for developing the land as a playground. But when the MC got to know that the land belonged to the administration, it dropped the idea. Now, the work in this regard will be undertaken,” shared the councillor.

He said the MC had prepared an estimate of Rs 29 lakh for the playground. “Youngsters will benefit a lot as there is no such playing area in Dhanas,” said Kuljeet, former Sarpanch.