Canadian scribe stresses inclusivity in newsrooms


Chandigarh, February 21

Canadian journalist Nana aba Duncan has highlighted the importance of inclusivity in newsrooms to ensure that reporting is accurate, representative and reflective of diverse perspectives. She was speaking at a talk on “How inclusive newsrooms foster stronger reporting — Nana aba Duncan in conversation with Chief News Editor of The Tribune Nanki Hans” hosted by the Consulate-General of Canada in collaboration with The Tribune.

Canadian journalist Nana aba Duncan and The Tribune Chief News Editor Nanki Hans during a talk on ‘How inclusive newsrooms foster stronger reporting’ at Chandigarh Golf Club on Tuesday. Vicky

She said inclusivity in newsrooms meant that people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders and identities were given equal opportunities to work in journalism and contribute to news coverage.

Duncan is an award-winning Canadian journalist. She was born in Ghana and moved to Canada with her family when she was a child.

She is the founding co-chair of DiversifyCBC, a country-wide employee resource group for racialised people with more than 300 members.

The executive director of the Media Girlfriends podcast company and network, Duncan spoke to journalists, students and members of the public and emphasised the need to empower women journalists and support marginalised communities.

She also discussed her experiences in journalism and academia, and spoke about the importance of creating an environment where people felt comfortable speaking up. “It’s crucial to support each other, not just in work but as a person,” she added.

Sexual harassment, sexist jokes and comments should not be tolerated in workplaces or in stories and narratives, she said.

Duncan said, “As journalists, we have an expertise in helping people and we should use it, especially if we are part of a marginalised group. Speaking out with confidence is crucial, and we need to create an environment where people feel comfortable speaking up.”

Need for perspectives

The more perspectives newsrooms have, the better these can help people, especially if you are a woman or non-binary person and part of a marginalised group, emphasised Nana aba Duncan.