Chandigarh advisory on fake power bill messages


Chandigarh, September 11

The Electricity Wing of Engineering Department, UT, today warned consumers against fake messages being circulated in a bid to dupe them.

“It is again informed to public that a fake message is being circulated through digital media/social media/SMS asking consumers that their ‘power will be disconnected tonight at 09.30 pm from electricity office’. Also, it asks consumers to download an app through a link given for payment related to electricity,” stated the department in a statement.

“It is informed such messages have neither been issued by the Electricity Wing nor is the mobile number related to it. Such messages are fake. Some consumers have fallen prey to such fraudulent practices, as reported in the media,” it further said. “The public is advised not to take cognisance of such messages or download app or click fake links for payments as it may lead to financial loss,” it said.

In case of grievance regarding power bills, the electricity sub-division office concerned, as mentioned on the electricity bills, could be contacted.

For online bill payment, only the website of eSampark Chandigarh or mobile app of eSampark Chandigarh be used, it further added.