Chandigarh Estate Office: No slot for seven days if appointment skipped


Chandigarh, January 5

Applicants failing to turn up for submission of applications after booking an appointment slot will have to wait for next seven days. The Estate Office will not give a fresh slot to such applicants before that period.

To cut short the delays at the Estate Office and the Sub-Registrar’s Office, the authorities had increased the daily appointment slots for submission of applications at the Estate Office from 24 to 48 and for registration of deeds at the Sub-Registrar’s Office from 50 to 60.

The increase in the number of slots has reduced the waiting time and many applicants are getting appointment slots for next day itself. “It has been observed that around 10 or 15 slots are going waste daily because many applicants are not utilising their booked slots,” said Yashpal Garg, officiating Deputy Commissioner-cum-Estate Officer.

To avoid the wastage of slots, an option for rescheduling has been provided on the website and an applicant can reschedule the slot up to two days before the appointed dates. For example, any appointment slot for January 10 can be rescheduled up to 11.59 pm on January 8 for any other available date. The rescheduled slot can be chosen from all the available slots for other dates, said Garg.

“In case, the applicant neither changes the slot nor appears on the appointed day, then the applicant will be responsible for wasting the slot,” he said, adding that as a penalty, such applicant should not be allowed fresh slot for next seven days. “In other words, if an applicant does not utilise the appointed slot, then he may have to wait for another seven days for a fresh slot,” he said.

“However, for the time being, this provision of mandatory wait for seven days is not being implemented expecting that applicants will voluntary exercise the option of rescheduling, instead of wasting the appointed slots,” he added.