Chandigarh lawyer appointed to Commonwealth’s new committee on military justice


Chandigarh, January 11

Chandigarh-based laywer, Maj Navdeep Singh, has been appointed to the Military Justice Advisory Committee constituted by the Commonwealth in December 2022, that comprises five global experts on military justice.

The Committee, under the aegis of the Office of Civil and Criminal Justice Reform (OCCJR) in the Commonwealth Secretariat, will deal with requests from member countries for assisting them in military justice reforms and other related legislative transformation.

The Commonwealth is an international body of 56 nations and promotes democracy, good governance, peace and the rule of law. It is also considering working upon model military justice principles.

Navdeep was earlier a member of the High Level Committee of Experts constituted by the Defence Minister in 2015 to reduce litigation related to service issue of defence personnel, and has authored several books on military law and regulations.

He was also a member of the ‘Yale Draft’ that was compiled after a conference of global jurists at the Yale Law School in 2018 to promote independence, competence and impartiality in military justice processes. He is an International Fellow at the National Institute of Military Justice, Washington DC.

The other members of the committee include Judge Alan Large, head of the service judiciary of the United Kingdom, Professor Eugene Fidell from Yale Law School and president emeritus of the National Institute of Military Justice, Washington DC, Chief Judge Kevin Riordan, Judge Advocate General of New Zealand and Dr Michelle Nel, Vice Dean, Faculty of Military Science of the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.