Chandigarh to be ‘no flying zone’ for drones, unmanned aerial vehicles on Saturday


Chandigarh, September 23

In view of the movement of VVIP scheduled to Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, transiting through Chandigarh on September 24, District Magistrate Vinay Pratap Singh has ordered that the whole of Union Territory shall be a ‘No Flying Zone’ for the purpose of flying of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs ) tomorrow.

In a press note released today, he stated that the decision has been taken in view of the emerging threats due to recent trends of carrying out terrorist attacks by using drones fitted with improvised explosive devices by anti-national elements and keeping in view the security of VVIPs and general public.

This order shall, however, not be applicable on law enforcement agencies including police, para-military, Air Force and SPG personnel.

This order shall remain in force w.e.f. zero hours on September 24 up to zero hours on September 25. Any breach of this order would invite action under Section 188 of the IPC and other relevant provisions of law.