Golf league: Green Gators continue winning streak


Chandigarh, September 28

Green Gators continued their winning streak in the ongoing Chandigarh Golf League by registering a 4-3 win over Chandigarh Gladiators at the Chandigarh Golf Club today.

Despite two games finishing halved, the rest went with the early momentum and finished relatively without much drama. Signature by KLV and Swinging Samurai also recorded a 4-3 win over Empire and Sultans of Swing, respectively, to bounce back to the winning ways after suffering defeats in the previous round.

While Signature by KLV scored decisive wins in their games, Swinging Samurai made an impressive comeback. The team pulled off a victory by winning the last two holes of the fixture after trailing for most of it. In the day’s other game, Tee Birds played a draw with Chasma Shah Royals. The Royals pulled the match back in the anchor game with a fine half point which would have felt like a win for them.

In the final game, Soaring Eagles, the team which has taken most of its games to the final hole till now, once again split points. The side shared points with the Ninjas. Both teams fought hard till the very end, making the finish to the day really exciting for the gallery which had gathered to witness the action.