Himachal Pradesh will make efforts to get its 7.19 per cent share in Chandigarh city: Deputy CM Agnihotri


Una (HP), February 19

The Himachal Pradesh government will make all possible efforts to get its 7.19 per cent share in Chandigarh city, Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri said on Sunday.

Besides Punjab and Haryana, Himachal Pradesh has share in Chandigarh, he said.

According to the Punjab Reorganisation Act of 1966, Himachal Pradesh has 7.19 per cent right over Chandigarh, Agnihotri said.

Addressing an event of the Himotkarsh Sahitya, Sanskriti Evam Jan Kalyan Parishad here, the deputy chief minister said a road map is being prepared for the all-round development of the state so that every facility can be provided to the people.

Stating that the aim of the state government is development and welfare of the people of the state, he said the Congress dispensation’s first decision was to implement the old pension scheme for 1.36 lakh employees and that it will fulfil all its 10 promises in a phased manner.

He said the Himachal Road Transport Corporation will not purchase diesel vehicles and added the first fleet of 19 electric vehicles has been inducted in the transport department fleet. Charging stations for electric vehicles will be set up at every place in the state, he said, adding the work is being done on a priority basis.

He said that an inquiry has been ordered into an alleged scam in the registration of vehicles in the transport department so that fake registrations can be unearthed and fines imposed.