On Valentine Day, Chandigarh’s Shivalikview Hotel to auction Audi and Cruze of 2 guests who did not pay Rs 19 lakh bill


Chandigarh, February 8

Allegations are Ashwani Kumar Chopra and Ramnik Bansal has stayed for month at Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation Limited (CITCO)-run Hotel Shivalikview but left without paying bills amounting to Rs 19 lakh in 2018.

CITCO had moved court seeking attachment and auction of their high-end cars to recover the arrears.

After which, a local court had ordered auctioning of an Audi and a Chevrolet Cruze car of the two guests.

The court has adjourned the case for January 7, 2023, for filing of report of the auction. The auction order says the highest bidder will be declared as the cars’ purchaser.

The car would be auctioned on February 14 and the Audi and Cruze are priced at Rs 10 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh, respectively.

The cars of the alleged defaulters have been parked at the hotel entrance for the past five years.

Ashwani Kumar Chopra and Ramnik Bansal — allegedly stayed at the hotel in 2018 for months without paying the bills.

They stayed in different suites and enjoyed hotel services such as food, laundry, hard drinks, etc. Later, the guests gave the hotel three cheques for Rs 6 lakh each, but these were allegedly dishonoured.

One of the guests allegedly tried to flee the hotel without making the payment, but the security closed the gates.

The guest then left his Audi Q3 in the parking area and asked CITCO to keep the keys as security for the dues. The police were present at the time of handing over of keys. The second guest also gave the keys to his Chevrolet Cruze car to the hotel staff, promising to clear the dues.