Only 52.3% IPC cases disposed of last year by Chandigarh police


Amit Sharma

Chandigarh, September 11

The UT police had a fairly poor disposal of cases registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) with 47.7% of these left pending for investigation by the end of 2021, reveals the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report.

As per the report, a total of 5,146 cases were under investigation last year, including 2,711 pending from the previous years, 2,401 new ones reported during the year and 34 reopened by the police for investigation.

Of the total cases under investigation, the police managed to dispose of only 2,690, of which nine were transferred to other states or agencies, 238 cases ended as mistake of fact or of law or civil dispute, 622 were true but had insufficient evidence or untraced or no clue, while in 1,821 cases, including 1,148 from previous years and 673 reported during the year, chargesheet was submitted in court. Chandigarh had the 11th highest pendency of IPC cases in the country.

Meanwhile, at 90.1%, Manipur had the highest pendency of IPC cases in the country, followed by Tamil Nadu (70%) and Lakshadweep (67.8%).

A police official said shortage of staff and frequent protests in the city kept cops on toes, hampering ongoing investigations in cases. “Processions, VIP duties, religious functions, besides other law and order duties, affect the pace of investigation,” said the official.

Chandigarh also saw 42.5% pendency in cases registered under the special and local laws (SLLs). A total of 1,125 cases were under investigation in 2021. These included 531 pending from the previous year and 594 fresh ones reported during the year. However, only 647 cases could be disposed of by the end of the year. Meanwhile, one case was transferred to another state, 23 ended as mistake of fact or of law or civil dispute.

Crimes linked to arms/explosives; women, such as dowry, immoral trafficking and domestic violence; liquor/narcotics; children; IT, etc. fall under SLLs.

Cases in 2021

2,711 Pending

2,401 Fresh

34 Reopened

5,146 Total

Poor disposal

238 Mistake of fact or of law/civil dispute622 Insufficient evidence/untraced1,821 Chargesheet filed | 9 Transferred2,690 Cases disposed of