Triple delight for Deepak, Rajeev, Ashish


Chandigarh, February 22

Deepak Saxena, Rajeev Mehta and Ashish Sharma claimed triple titles each on the concluding day of the Chandigarh Masters Badminton Tournament held at the Sector 42 Sports Complex.

In the men’s 45+ singles final, Deepak Saxena overpowered Haroon Rashid 21-17 21-19 and in the doubles final, the pair of Saxena and Rashid defeated Deepak Jain and Preetpal Singh Maan 21-10 21-15. In the 45+ mixed doubles, the team of Saxena and Lavita ousted Rashid and Samur 21-10 21-18.

Similarly, Rajeev Mehta won the 60+ singles title by defeating Vipin Sharma 21-18 21-19 and in the doubles final, Mehta and Praveen Tanjeja defeated Sanjay and Hemraj 21-16 21-16.

In the 55+ mixed doubles final, the pair of Mehta and Mandeep defeated Jagdish and Shargun 21-17 21-18.

In the 40+ singles, Ashish won the title by registering a 21-10 21-16 win over Varun Sharma. In the men’s 40+ doubles final, the pair of Ashish and Varun defeated Naresh Kundu and Amit Sachdeva 21-15 21-14.

The team of Ashish and Bhawna Sharma won the 40+ mixed doubles final by defeating Kamlesh and Satish Dhillon 21-14 21-10.

Akash shines

In the men’s 35+ singles final, Akash Sethi overpowered a tough challenge by Munir. Sethi won the match 21-11 15-21 21-18. In the men’s 35+ doubles final, Sethi and Paras Gupta defeated Pankaj Naithani and Munir 21-18 22-20. In the 35+ mixed doubles final, Naithani and Manju defeated Sethi and Binny 21-12 21-18 while Alok won the men’s 50+ title by defeating Rajpal 21-10 21-11.

In the men’s 50+ doubles title clash, Rajneesh Bhatia and Alok defeated Tejender Bedi and Rajpal 21-16 21-10 while Bhatia and Geeta Aggarwal won the 50+ mixed doubles final by defeating Rajpal and Seema Saini 21-16 21-16. Om Bir Saini ousted Jagdish Singh 21-18 21-19 to win the men’s 55+ singles final.

In the men’s 55+ doubles final, the pair of Jagdish and Sanjay defeated Ombir and R Chawla 21-15 21-19. Sudhir Singal emerged the winner of the men’s 65+ final by defeating Prabhakar 21-15 21-10 and in the men’s 70+ final, AK Sondhi outplayed Vohra 21-17 21-14.

In the men’s 70+ doubles final, Sondhi and OP Longia defeated Subash Nagpal and Vohra 21-14 21-19. Dr Sunil Rayat, Joint Director Sports, Chandigarh Administration, awarded the winners.