Youth Congress starts signature campaign to remove entry toll barrier at Chandigarh Railway Station


Chandigarh, December 2

The Chandigarh Youth Congress, under the leadership of its president Manoj Lubana, commenced a signature campaign on Day 5 of its ongoing protest to remove the entry toll barrier at the Chandigarh Railway Station.

The protest is gaining momentum with each passing day and people from across the tricity are joining it. Since Lubana took charge as the chief of the Chandigarh Youth Congress, he has been raising the voice of people consistently.

The signature campaign also attracted people in a large number. Over 500 signs were collected in a span of four hours only.

“We are adamant and will not move an inch back till there is some relief to common man. People have to walk more than a km to reach the station,” said Manoj Lubana.